Tech Tips

Tech Tips:

Useful info for newbies and experienced folks in no particular order


Never leave any equipment in a car or van on a NYC Street.

Always look for the raised dot on a stock B3 to Leslie connector. On the 6 pin side the 2 fatter pins go up.

To start a B-3 hold the start switch up for 30 seconds add the on switch for 5 then release the start switch. Select a preset in the middle of the reverse color keys on the left side. Let the organ warm up for 45 seconds, Depress the volume pedal half way and play.

Clavinets almost always sound better through a guitar amp. They are guitars essentially. Most will hum since they are single coils.

Single coil guitars will make noise in NYC.

Always retune your guitar when you add or remove a capo.

Bass players, unplug your cable from the DI box first.

If your Rhodes makes no sound and all other things seem right, jump the “insert jacks” on the front panel. They are labeled accesorry 1 and 2 1 is the send and 2 is the return. They have a “smart jack” that can wear out and no longer pass signal. A rhodes 5 pin xlr can be substituted with a 5 pin DMX cable from the lighting folks.