You want it, we got it!! Tell us what you need and we will make it happen, our knowledgeable staff is ready.  Pianos, organs, orchestra gear, guitars, basses, drums and percussion, guitar and bass amps, modern and vintage keyboards.

Pro Maintained Fender Rhodes Hammond B3s Leslie 122s Wurlitzer 200s Hohner D6 Clav with Vintage Vibe “Vibe-O Net” Electronics.

Mullen Discovery s-10 E9 Pedal Steel. Regal Flat Neck Dobro, w Pickup. Deering & Gibson Banjos. Vintage Kay Upright Basses.

 Tremendous selection of vintage, boutique and reissue amps. Fender Matchless Bad Cat Orange Marshall Vox UK 65 amps Fuchs Bogner

Vintage & Modern drums from Ludwig Gretsch C&C Tama DW Yamaha Pearl Sonor Mapex DDrum and 50 more really nice drum kits.

Yamaha Phoenix, DW Timeless Timber, 1959 Slingerland Radio King

We understand TV and concert work in New York City. From one vintage piece that one of the band members just has to have, to the guitar you just can’t carry because of airline restrictions. How about the drummer who just changed endorsements, causing you to have to re-advance five TV shows. WE GET IT.

24/7 support, Load Flips Rentals Labor and Cartage.


Technicians for full show calls or just setups and teardowns.