You want it, we got it!! Tell us what you need and we will make it happen, our knowledgeable staff is ready.  Pianos, organs, orchestra gear, guitars, basses, drums and percussion, guitar and bass amps, modern and vintage keyboards.

Pro Maintained Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3s Leslie 122s Wurlitzer 200s Hohner D6 Clav with Vintage Vibe “Vibe-O Net” Electronics.

 Tremendous selection of vintage, modern boutique and reissue amps. Fender, Matchless, Bad Cat, Orange, Marshall, Vox UK, 65 amps,Fuchs Bogner and more

Vintage drums from Ludwig & Gretsch. C&C drums Yamaha Phoenix, DW Timeless Timber and 50 more really nice drum kits.

 Artist Services:

We understand TV and concert work in New York City. From one vintage piece that one of the band members just has to have, to the guitar you just can’t carry cause of airline restrictions. How about the drummer who just changed endorsements, causing you to have to re-advance five TV shows. WE GET IT.

24/7 support, Load Flips, Rentals, Labor and Cartage.

Venue Services:

You like things on time, inexpensively and correct. You want the gear to work.

We like to make your job easier. We understand there will always be changes.

Technicians for full show calls or just setups and teardowns.


Record Companies:

We understand your challenge with budgets and deadlines, the difficulty of developing new talent and then executing that all important first promo run. We understand the special requirements of an established artist doing a “comeback” promo.

WORK with us and USE our experience to help. We also have a really cool “Baby Band” deal that really suits some folks with low budgets and flexibility in gear choices.

Non Tech Person:

You are having an event. You have 600 things to do You are looking at a band rider. (The addendum to the contract that specifies the bands requirements for; Transportation, Accommodations, Catering, Sound, Lights, Backline or Band Gear among other things…) Well if you found this web site you are safe. Chances are we have seen it before.

Call us. Email us. We are here to help.

Gear Heads/Sluts:

What’s the difference?

A gear head knows everything about every piece. A gear slut will do anything to get gear he does not need.
At BEST we are both. We love gear! That’s why we do this.